Be prepared

This is an 18+ community. You will encounter things like inappropriate discussion and vulgar language. If you are uncomfortable with these things or you are underage and your parents do not approve, please tune out.

Be relevant

When you communicate with me or other members of the community, your messages should be relevant to what is happening in the moment. Don't jump in with random new topics if you weren't asked for them, as that can make the conversation awkward. Avoid interjecting politics, religion, and other sensitive topics for no obvious reason.

Be respectful

This is meant to be a safe space for everyone and you are expected to be respectful to other individuals. I generally have an open mind for people to share their opinions about any topics that come up naturally, but when the dialog is about people, whether an individual or a group (race, gender, sexuality, etc), respect is always required.

Be patient

We all want to get through things together. If you already know where things are going, please don't spoil it for others. Avoid offering solutions, talking about things that haven't happened yet, or otherwise backseating without explicitly being asked first (I'll let you know if I'm truly stuck).

Be fun

I am here to have fun and share my experiences with you. Please keep up the positive atmosphere by having fun yourself.