You have discovered my secret little corner of the streamer-verse! My name is at the top of the page, of course, but you can also call me Midnight. I am a gender-fluid little ghost that likes to play games, build websites, and generally learn new things.


The community cannot survive without the rules. Before you start participating in chat, comments, or anywhere else: please make sure you've reviewed the rules and understand what is and is not allowed.

Games Collection

If you're ever curious whether I own a game, have played it, or have no interest in it: you can find a complete collection of all my games! I do my best to update the status of games as much as possible.

Find Me

I multistream on both YouTube and Twitch, so feel free to follow me in both places. Please note that I do not actively monitor xTwitter so attempting to reach out to me there is futile.

A sudden gust of wind picks up, chillier than you would expect. Strange even. A golden piece of paper flutters towards you seemingly out of nowhere. You stare at it for a moment, like it holds you in a trance, until it smacks you in the face and you snap back into reality. You peel the paper off your face to look at it. "You've been cordially invited to visit Midnight's Abandoned Village!" The odd invitation has no other information whatsoever, yet you somehow understand where to do. Your intrigue drives you there, like the invitation has taken control of you.


I don't operate on a strict schedule and my streams will always be a surprise, but there are times I'm more likely to appear. I am most active after 19:00 Central Time on Monday through Friday and various times on the weekends.

I suffer from chronic migraines that might hit at any time. So while I try to give my community an idea of when I'll stream next, please keep in mind that I may need to cancel or reschedule things on short notice if I am not feeling well enough to stream.