You have discovered my secret little corner of the streamer-verse! My name is at the top of the page, of course, but you can also call me Midnight. I am a gender-fluid little ghost that likes to play games, build websites, and generally learn new things.

The community cannot survive without the rules. Before you start participating in chat, comments, or anywhere else: please make sure you've reviewed the rules and understand what is and is not allowed.

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Games Collection

If you're ever curious whether I own a game, have played it, or have no interest in it: you can find a complete collection of all my games! I do my best to update the status of games as much as possible.

Check out the games

I stream on YouTube as of now, but may end up streaming specific things on Twitch in the future. Please note that I do not actively monitor xTwitter, but may create a Discord server in the future.

Find Me

I don't operate on a set schedule and my streams will always be a surprise, but there are times I'm more likely to appear. I am most active after 19:00 Central Time on Monday through Friday and various times (though usually evenings) on the weekends.